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Diversity, equity, and inclusion or DEI are hot buzzwords these days. Every company strives to embrace inclusivity among its employees and its supplier base. Here at Ensunet, we’re more than just a minority-owned company. We’re proud that our Founder and CEO, Paul Robinson, is also helping to spearhead an all-new organization whose sole mission is to empower traditionally underserved communities.

While Ensunet is known for its prowess as an “on-call tiger team” for the intersection of IT and mergers-and-acquisitions or M&A, we’ve always strived to maintain an inclusive workforce where all identities and backgrounds are recognized and embraced. But in a bold leap beyond that, CEO Paul Robinson is also Executive Director of a San Diego-based organization called Black Equity Empowerment, known as “B.E.”

Together with B.E. Chairperson Bruce Mayberry, Paul Robinson is helping to “fill in the missing piece of the diversity puzzle” for major corporations across the country. That is, while they may well have broad initiatives underway to diversify their board and C-suite, employees, and suppliers, they have traditionally overlooked the biggest constituency of all: their major shareholders.

This is where B.E. is working to make a difference. Using proprietary methodology adapted from a breakthrough program originally pioneered by Nelson Mandela in South Africa, B.E.’s goal is to purchase minority-equity shareholding in mid-market and larger American corporations—and then pay forward the benefits in under-served communities, starting with its home base of San Diego as the initial beneficiary.

“Diverse corporations grow faster,” notes Robinson, “and that’s why I’m excited about our holistic approach to diversity.”

B.E.’s initiatives target three broad constituent groups:

  • Its “Cradle to Career” initiative helps to build career pathways for high-growth sectors, while closing the gaps in the job-placement continuum. It will empower children and their families with a clearer path to a successful future.
  • “Empowering Black Business” will assist in the growth and sustainability of small businesses in typically under-served communities that lack access to “patient capital,” mentorship, primary customers, and broader business networks. The goal is to support and revitalize targeted neighborhoods.
  • “Helping Seniors Sunset” will provide financial support for housing those at the low-income or poverty level while addressing home-safety and in-home caregiving issues alike. B.E. will ultimately leverage a vetted network of Accountability Partner organizations with proven track records in the furtherance of strategic themes that support the Black community.

“This is one of those rare instances in which everyone benefits,” said Robinson. “The corporations that support our initiative find a new, innovative way to address their DEI goals, while we at B.E. and Ensunet work at the front lines of helping those who need it most.”

To learn more about Black Equity Empowerment, visit black-equity.us. To learn more about Ensunet, visit Ensunet.com.

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