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Information technology, done right, is a means to an end. Without demonstrable business impact, it’s just an expense.

At Ensunet, we get it. We understand the operational, performance, and financial outcomes that IT can and should deliver. We know, because we help deliver them. Every day. Whether you’re in need of IT solutions & consulting services, IT M&A, M&A CyberSecurity, or M&A staffing services, our experienced team can assist you throughout the entire process.

We’ve earned our reputation in the business of IT. We’ve honed it in a tiger-team specialty: Supporting $11 billion in mergers and acquisitions among the Fortune 1000.

Whether you’re a company that’s making an acquisition, the firm advising it, or any enterprise that needs elite, vendor-agnostic, rapid-response IT solutions that are always grounded in business results, count on the professionals at Ensunet. For strategy. For tactics. For world-class solutions for your world-class enterprise.

We have supported more than $11 billion in pre- and post-merger IT planning, due diligence, and integration, including staffing projects throughout the United States, Central America, and the Asia-Pacific region. We can create an IT merger and acquisition strategy, data center consolidation strategy or merger integration plan based around your unique situation. As experienced mergers and acquisition specialists, we will focus on aligning IT with your business needs.

Contact us today to discuss acquisition integration planning, and let us help execute your post merger integration checklist.


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