M&A IT Playbook & Integration Checklist

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At Ensunet, we tackle the complexities which span the M&A transaction lifecycle with a focus on technology and operations—from strategy, analysis, diligence, and planning all the way to hands-on integration and optimization. Boasting billions in global support experience, our Private Equity and Corporate M&A Practice supports clients ranging from North America’s largest PE firms, to Fortune 1000 Corporate Development teams and smaller sector specialists.

360° IT Services

What We

IT Diligence Assessments

Before you buy, we roll up our sleeves and look under the hood for you

Despite the competitive landscape and increasingly shorter deal cycles, Ensunet’s tiger teams can mobilize quickly to evaluate and benchmark your target—in time to perform key assessments that can help you avoid costly oversights and identify opportunities for value creation.

From technology diligence to operations assessments, to market and digital considerations, we bring both speed and expertise to infuse confidence into your deals.

IT Value Creation

For private equity portfolio companies

As a private equity operating partner, you are tasked with creating as much value as possible for exit, at the lowest possible cost. Our deal teams seamlessly transform into post-close teams—and work with you to create new revenue streams, build and manage tech platforms, optimize operations, and more.

IT Divestiture & Carve-Outs

Ensunet guides your team to stand up new companies with precision

With focused experience in supporting numerous successful divestitures, our dedicated carveout experts can guide you through separation planning, target operating model design, core-system separation and standup, and program management through completion.

Our proven carveout readiness-and-execution approach provides interim leadership for key disciplines such as cybersecurity and technology beyond closing—when many other service providers exit. This is designed to consolidate functional areas that typically comprise up to 75 percent of the one-time separation budget.

IT Integration Expertise

We solve and piece together the complex integration puzzle

A seamless integration is key to retaining the best assets (customers, people, process, and technology), and capturing value. Ensunet helps companies accelerate their transition timeline, maximize synergy capture, and minimize risks associated with complex business technology integration.

M&A expertise and experience for technology and operations

Ensunet’s experience—combined with our multidisciplinary approach and industry, operational, and technology expertise—helps dealmakers plan for and manage the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures throughout the investments lifecycle.

With our experience comes exposure to nearly all industries and types of deals, which means you’ll benefit from leading best practices to help support your growth initiatives. When you partner with Ensunet’s IT M&A consultants, SMEs, and technologists, we’ll help you navigate complexities—and capitalize on opportunities, quickly unlocking real value while reducing risk.

Ensunet’s services are particularly effective in niche and/or fast-changing sectors like enterprise healthcare, biotechnology, medical devices, IT, and pharmaceuticals… or any situation where the investment thesis is based on a particular angle that is not detailed in the public domain.

A proven approach

Ensunet partners with your technology department and transaction team, enabling you to leverage your team’s skills with the best practices we have honed since 2008, working on hundreds of M&A IT projects globally

At Ensunet, we think like investors. So whether we’re conducting an IT diligence on the buy-side, or helping a company optimize their technology goals for the future, our custom approach and analyses are designed to inform critical decisions.

We begin each engagement with a scientific mandate to investigate a series of relevant and specific questions in an objective and fact-based manner. Our SMEs employ a rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis to develop a keen understanding of what makesand breaksdeals in the current market… and how to optimize the best path forward to accelerate growth and reduce risk.

The Ensunet difference

At Ensunet, we understand your readiness to buy, integrate, or sell

First, we work with you to understand your resource, operational, and technology readiness. Then we evaluate the scalability of your organizational assets to support a transactionand the ensuing integration or separation.

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