M&A IT Playbook & Integration Checklist

Backed by one of the most recognizable private-equity firms in the world, with $19 billion in cumulative capital commitments, Ensunet’s client is a leader in supply-chain technology.

The PE support added to the client’s acquisition appetite; their CIO turned to Ensunet to help them with more than a dozen integration initiatives.

Having acquired multiple companies in a relatively short time span, the client was challenged to integrate them all, quickly and seamlessly while following industry best-practice for each mission-critical program. 

In addition to the “typical” challenges such as Google Workspace migration to Office 365, Day One support for global service-desk support, HR/payroll integration, and cybersecurity, there were also a host of unique challenges, such as a headquarters office move, cost-control for cloud solutions, reduction of usage (and cost) of data center storage, and Jira/Confluence migration to support engineering teams in multiple countries.

Given the broad scope of challenges—with more than a dozen programs defined in the initial Statement of Work—Ensunet proposed, delivered, and staffed an all-new Integration Management Office and Transformation Management Office to support the client in the planning, prioritizing, cost-control, and rollout of the multiple initiatives. Ensunet was effectively tasked with driving the numerous programs—and establishing a methodology for running mission-critical projects. 

The projects are too numerous to list entirely here; highlights include a cloud-cost optimization component which achieved an 18-percent monthly cloud-cost savings—surpassing the targeted five- to ten-percent reduction. The data-center storage-reduction program helped the client avoid $1.5 million in new storage costs, while addressing bulk-storage and latency issues. 

Other initiatives included a software-defined perimeter (SDP) which improved performance by replacing the old VPN; a documented cybersecurity vision including the implementation of a managed detect-and-respond (MDR) solution; consolidation of multiple websites; increased Salesforce integration; ERP NetSuite phased rollout; and more.

Working directly with the client’s CIO, Ensunet stood up the all-new Integration Management Office (IMO), and staffed it with a Program Director, Program Manager, and two project managers. We also stood up the all-new Transformation Management Office (TMO) and staffed it the same way, with a Program Director, Program Manager, and two project managers.

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