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Recognized as a pioneer in 21st century bioscience, this San Diego-based biotechnology company (The Client) develops and commercializes high performance products for use in industrial processes. Offering and supporting a number of high performance products in the public market place, constancy of Infrastructure operations along with dynamic scalability are among The Client’s top priorities.

The Client sold a business unit that included all IT hardware, 300 people, and a lease on the existing building. The company decided to not only re-procure all core infrastructure systems and personnel, but to also lease a newly constructed building within two years.

Collaborating with best-in-class manufactures, Ensunet lead a team that completed the first of three major project phases. The team designed, commissioned, and supported an enterprise class private cloud infrastructure, which included a geographically dispersed collocated disaster recovery site.
After successfully integrating all of The Client’s systems in phase one, the Ensunet team was invited to provide solutions assistance in the remaining two project phases.

The second phase was a ground-up design and construction for a state of the art 65,000 square-foot office and lab facility. Ensunet was commissioned to lead and represent all daily technology project due diligence tasks in support of building a new data center and permanently occupying the new facility. Ensunet collaborated and provided guidance where necessary in the field with building architects, general contractors, electricians, mechanical engineers, telecommunications providers and various other vendors to ensure The Client’s technology interests were properly represented and kept on schedule.

The third and final phase consisted of risk management planning and serving as the lead project manager in the relocation of The Client’s core infrastructure systems into the newly constructed facility. The Ensunet team safely relocated and re-established access to the infrastructure for The Client’s users community ahead of the timelines set by senior management

Throughout the project phases, Ensunet had the opportunity to provide a fully committed technical engineering and project management team to successfully reach and navigate beyond each strategic milestone The Client required.

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