What Does It Take for a Successful IT PMI?


What Does It Take for a Successful IT PMI?

Without planning, information technology during mergers and acquisitions can be a major pain point. In order not to waste time and resources, strategize the process in detail for all your business units, including information technology. Setting this protocol will pave the way for a successful IT post-merger integration (IT PMI).

IT post-merger integration is a period of adjustment to new protocols. Process fulfillment may take months to years. Another point of post-merger integration is to recognize common elements to increase efficiency. IT PMI combines the base technical aspects of two systems into a new existence.

What facilitates a successful IT PMI?

  • Cultural Assessment – Clashes can occur between teams and system operations when there is a large variance in language, operations logic, and interpersonal relationship style. For businesses predicated on teamwork, addressing this issue through planning sessions can make for easier communication by all people involved.
  • Communication – Anticipating confusion and discord may lead to communicating more often and at several more internal and external service points.
  • Hours – Consolidating two systems successfully cannot happen without being able to rely upon support. Maintaining normal business operations during an integration process is crucial.
  • Team – When combining IT departments of both companies, seek to secure the growth of obvious beneficial relationships in teams and technology.

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