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Track Record in M&A

Track Record in M&A

Ensunet’s track record in IT for post-merger integration

Our proprietary processes and playbooks uniquely qualify us to help enterprises harvest the maximum value from their acquisitions

As IT specialists for post-merger integration between global enterprises and the companies they acquire, you might think that we initially targeted this niche sector aggressively.

In fact, it came to us.

It all started when Ensunet was tapped—as was routine—for our enterprise IT expertise. The client was a high-tech manufacturing startup whose IT infrastructure was on the verge of collapse. They were victims of their own meteoric growth: a recent audit by a big-box consultancy revealed that the company’s creaky data center and systems threatened to shut down its manufacturing line, at a cost of $1 million a day.

As an on-call tiger team for enterprise IT, Ensunet was perfectly suited to the challenge. Using our proven and proprietary methodology, we performed crucial security triage. We designed a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure—replete with mirrored stacks for zero downtime—from the ground up. We led a successful $3 million RFP, vetting and wrangling disparate vendors. We migrated hundreds of applications—including the company’s critical ERP platform—to the new data center. We created a new IP scheme and re-assigned every single device, across 2,000 employees. The project was a shining success; you can read more about it in this case study.

Clearly, when it came to designing and deploying an all-new data center for this company, we knew what we were doing.

But what we didn’t know—since it was a tightly-guarded secret at the time—was that we were grooming that company to be acquired by a renowned global enterprise for $1.4 billion. For the executives and the board alike, we made this company a riper target. It was worth more. It was easier to acquire.

Ensunet on the inside

When the acquisition announcement was made, we had already established a stellar track record inside the newly-acquired company. The acquiring enterprise couldn’t help but notice—and so they turned to us to help them integrate the company into their operations.

We already had the boots on the ground. We had intimate familiarity with the acquired company’s IT systems, having designed and built them ourselves. Most importantly, we had our proven and proprietary methods for doing things, which we were continually evolving and optimizing for maximum throughput and efficiency.

The data-center redesign was just the beginning. The acquiring company recognized Ensunet as the logical go-to resource for a panoply of projects required to integrate the new acquisition smoothly and seamlessly, maximizing its value for the shareholders.

We were tapped for cyber/data security. Laptop and desktop deployment. SAP data migration. Printer consolidation (where we cut their costs in half; that’s a case study unto itself). And with each project, we captured the lessons learned and folded them into our methodology. So that when the acquiring enterprise sought to acquire yet another company soon thereafter, they turned, yet again, to Ensunet.

From project to program

With literally scores of projects under our belt, Ensunet was tapped for more than just projects. We were soon operating at the program-management level, at which global enterprises entrust us to coordinate and manage all of the IT challenges that come with post-merger integration, or PMI.

This is where we thrive. Our deep bench of expertise, combined with our continually-updated run books, have created an impossible-to-replicate proprietary methodology. This is now highly sought-after by enterprises seeking to acquire other companies, by the investment bankers and financial professionals who advise them, and by companies looking to burnish their value in the eyes of potential buyers. Even after the acquisition is complete, we’re entrusted for smart-sourcing and operational support—the same skills that earned us our initial reputation in IT.

At the outset, we didn’t plan to become a niche player in M&A. But now, more than $11 billion in successful acquisitions later, we are. It’s because of the program-management methodology for IT that we have brought to the acquisitions game. The staging, the sequencing, the methodology… all have been honed to integrate projects into programs, and programs into enterprises.

In the high-stakes world of mergers and acquisitions, a lot of organizations get caught up in the deal. But the true value is really harvested via the successful integration of the two companies. And information technology crosses every single department in every organization, from operations to finance. Thus the success or failure of the entire deal can be empowered or disempowered by the success or failure of the IT integration.

If you’re looking to make that acquisition go smoothly, don’t overlook the potential—and pitfalls—of IT. And don’t trust that transition to a firm with less specialized expertise than Ensunet. Contact us today for a no-obligation initial consultation.