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Ensunet has helped a major client to regain control of a greenfield divestiture project after drifting $25 million over budget.

San Diego, California, February 23 2021: Ensunet Technology Group, a world-class provider of IT enterprise architecture solutions for the M&A market, has helped a major client to regain control of a greenfield divestiture project after drifting $25 million over budget. In this company's case, Ensunet was able to bring program-management rigor and discipline to the situation, shoring up losses while positioning the client for future success.

The problems stemmed from the initial approach taken by the IT group, which failed to address all of the basic program-management and budgeting questions that should always be asked before a project begins. The Scrum/Agile approach originally employed left project managers effectively disconnected from the project’s mounting budget overruns and missed deadlines. As an Ensunet program manager put it, this wasn’t like “rebuilding an airplane in flight.” It was more like “trying to save an airplane in flight while it’s on fire, using duct-tape to hold the wings on just so you can land it.”

Ensunet’s experienced IT intervention team approached the situation by starting with the basics to impose order in the chaos. The team’s seasoned “recovery” pro evaluated source material, including the master services agreement and addenda, and drew up a charter using tried-and-true project-management best practice, to define the project scope. Additionally, the team dove into all spreadsheets, and developed a resource-allocation diagram. Some of the major issues addressed included: mobile security involving two-factor authentication, infrastructure setup to run on-premise, and HR and email best practices.

“Ensunet views this case as a cautionary tale that highlights the need for responsibility and outside eyes,” says Ensunet CEO Paul Robinson. “It’s a case for early intervention and specific M&A-focused IT expertise—not just any old third party.”

In less than two months, Ensunet got the program back on track. While Ensunet wasn't able to get back the $25 million that was lost, it did stop the problem from getting worse. Their support resulted in deadlines being set, and met, and lines of responsibility established, putting an end to the overspending.

To learn more about Ensunet Technology Group and the services they provide, visit their website or contact at (858) 348-4690.

About Ensunet Technology Group

San Diego-based Ensunet Technology Group is a premiere provider of vendor-agnostic enterprise IT services, specializing in pre- and post-merger IT integration that delivers positive operational, performance and financial business impact. As an elite and agile “on-call tiger team,” Ensunet has been entrusted with billions in global IT merger-and-acquisition support by Fortune 1000 enterprises. Ensunet is an 8(a) qualified and SBA-certified small business; in 2018, the company was ranked Number 335 on Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America—and among its top ten for IT management companies. For more information, visit www.ensunet.com.

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