M&A IT Playbook & Integration Checklist

  • Now you can expedite your critical dashboards for M&A transactions.
  • Get real-time access to your data with drill-down visibility from your various disparate systems that is scalable throughout your organization.
  • Get all this in just days—real-time dashboards that also seamlessly transition to become your long-term management-reporting platform, configurable throughout your M&A lifecycle!

Consider the challenges:

How quickly can you measure your deal KPIs based on data from the various disparate systems that are part of your M&A transaction? Months? Years?

Do you have access to real-time information to perform management reporting while your teams are working through your integration, divestiture, or transformation throughout your portfolio?

How do you protect your deal value and manage operational risks, while having the flexibility to do it right the first time, instead of rushing your system changes during your integration?

As your integration proceeds and your systems evolve over time, can your existing reporting systems be switched and transition to your long-term management-reporting platform?

How do you currently measure and quantify the costs associated with developing the systems and process to access and manage your data throughout your business’ IT lifecycle? What are the costs of not getting quick, transparent access to this information in real-time?

How Ensunet’s Dashboards in DaysTM works:

Step 1
  • Our team leads will confirm your essential deal KPIs with your management team; KPIs will be phased, based on your priorities.
  • We will identify the relevant data sources and establish connections with minimal assistance from your IT team to identify data sources.
Step 2
  • We will prepare standard dashboards in a matter of weeks, based on typical business flows; these will be reviewed weekly and tweaked as required.
  • We will roll out new/updated dashboards to your management team within weeks, depending on roles.
Step 3
  • We provide training and knowledge transfer to your key SMEs.
  • We provide ongoing support and maintenance—no extra load on your internal IT teams.
  • We will seamlessly swap out the data sources as your system integration proceeds.
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