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As part of its “I Did This With That” series showcasing business leaders who have succeeded often despite historical disadvantages, Chase for Business recently published an article of their interview with Paul Robinson, Founder and CEO of San Diego-based Ensunet Technology Group, a leader in IT for the mergers-and-acquisition (M&A) space. The article, hosted on the Chase.com website, traces Robinson’s career arc from his early days as a bootstrapping entrepreneur to the man at the helm of a multimillion-dollar IT firm that showcases both its technical prowess and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion or DEI.

“On behalf of the hard-working team at Ensunet, I’m delighted to be featured in this article," said Robinson. "Even though we’ve supported more than $11.6 billion in global M&A activity, we’re still a lean, family-like company, and it’s great to get such prominent ‘ink’ from a banking icon like JP Morgan Chase.”

In the wide-ranging interview and article, Robinson relates how he has grown his company from scratch and transformed it into a leader in the industry. He shared the story of Ensunet’s genesis, along with what he described as his most valuable business tool and his advice to burgeoning entrepreneurs. Notably, he discovered, while working for a multibillion-dollar enterprise that underwent a merger earlier in his career, that the two merging companies lacked an IT "tiger team" to integrate their disparate tech environments.

It was this spark of realization—and the educated guess that many others suffered from the exact same problem—which led Robinson to found Ensunet. And in an industry where most people deal with machines, it is easy to lose the personal touch when making business transactions. Thus he recognized the importance of this often-undervalued skill and leveraged it to his, and the company’s, advantage.

Read the entire interview and article on the Chase website here.

To learn more about Ensunet Technology Group and the services they provide, visit their website or contact at (858) 348-4690.

About Ensunet Technology Group

San Diego-based Ensunet Technology Group is a premiere provider of vendor-agnostic enterprise IT services, specializing in pre- and post-merger IT integration that delivers positive operational, performance and financial business impact. As an elite and agile “on-call tiger team,” Ensunet has been entrusted with over $11.6 billion in global IT merger-and-acquisition support by Fortune 1000 enterprises. Ensunet is an 8(a) qualified and SBA-certified small business; in 2018, the company was ranked Number 335 on Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America—and among its top ten for IT management companies. For more information, visit www.ensunet.com.

Company name: Ensunet Technology Group

Address: 10679 Westview Parkway, 2nd Floor

City: San Diego

State: California

Zip code: 92126

Telephone number: (858) 348-4690

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