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Paul Robinson Bio Page


Paul Robinson

Founder & CEO

In hindsight, it’s impossible to imagine Paul Robinson not founding the respected source for enterprise IT architecture and post-merger IT integration: Ensunet. Looking back, it’s easy to see that the drive for entrepreneurship—rising to seemingly-impossible challenges, and carving a path forward that no one else had seen—was already in his genes: His great grandfather was the pastor at one of the first African American churches in San Diego. His grandmother, born in 1916, was a self-taught real estate investor. His mother holds a PhD. His father is U.S. Olympic legend Arnie Robinson, who brought home both Bronze and Gold medals from Munich and Montreal, respectively.

Not surprisingly (again, in hindsight), school didn’t challenge Paul. It wasn’t until college, when he got his first taste of then-new information technology, or IT, that he saw a future for himself—and, as it turns out, for many others. A self-taught IT prodigy (a voracious reader, he earned all his certifications on his own, without training), he led a meteoric rise in his first IT role, accomplishing in just six months what often took others six years to do. It was here, too, that he got his first taste of mergers and acquisitions—the M&A world—when the company he worked for was itself merged with another. This was in 2007. The next year, Paul struck out on his own and founded Ensunet.

Ensunet’s beginnings were humble (read: “Paul’s living room”), but they quickly grew. Parlaying relationships he’d built over the years, not to mention ancillary experience in sales and commercial investment real estate, he was able to grow the business, and its contracts. By 2010, the company was growing in size, billing, and headcount (read About Ensunet here), well on its way to becoming the IT powerhouse for post-merger integration and enterprise architecture that it is today. Paul’s certification as an NLP trainer has helped him to empower his team, build client relationships, and achieve goals, as well.

Paul’s Olympian father once told his son that he wasn’t able to rise to the world stage until he surrounded himself with world-class competitors; today, Paul follows a similar philosophy as the leader of Ensunet: “My job is to build the ‘stadium,’ and fill it with the best players in the game.”

When he’s not helping global enterprises solve their most pressing IT problems, Paul likes to “pay it forward” on the streets of his hometown: San Diego. There, he mentors at-risk youth; he’s also certified as an elder-care volunteer. Always rising to new heights, he also makes time to go off-roading at dizzying elevations in the High Sierras, as the organizer of a group that’s now nearly 500 members strong.