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Post-merger IT integration is a specialty. 
Count on the specialists at Ensunet.

Integrating another company into your own is fraught with risk. From Announcement Day on, you need to secure systems, ensure interoperability, lock down tribal knowledge that could walk out the door, and protect vital data from exfiltration.

This is not the job for just any enterprise architect. This requires M&A-specific expertise and experience as it pertains to IT.

You have an IT team. But they don’t do due diligence or post-merger integration, all day, every day. We do. At Ensunet, we act not just as your rapid-response tech team, but as your IT M&A specialist, too. It’s our job to help you speed integration, to do it cost-effectively, and to maximize the value of the newly-expanded enterprise.

Are you truly prepared to integrate?

Consider the company you’re acquiring. Then think about the kinds of questions which we ask—and answer—every day:

  • What is the cyber security posture of the organization? What is the attack surface?
  • Are their business-continuity systems able to withstand a crash?
  • Are they saddled with tribal knowledge that could walk out the door at any moment?
  • Are they compliant with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, NIST, and GDPR?
  • Which ongoing projects align to synergies identified in due diligence?
  • Is IT staffing sufficient?
  • How mature are the configuration management and vendor management?

Do not venture into this minefield alone. Contact Ensunet now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

There are lots of solid reasons why global Fortune 1000 enterprises trust Ensunet with their PMI challenges:

  • We’re PMI experts. While we’re grounded in enterprise architecture (read about our specific skill sets here), we’ve burnished our reputation by supporting $11 billion in aggregate acquisitions. We know where to find the unique gaps, and how to bridge them. We understand the culture and context of acquisitions, and act as your M&A IT specialist, to protect your investment.
  • We’re as big, or small, as you need. Staff up, or down, as needed, without adding FTEs. Ensunet provides vital PMI-specific surge support.
  • We’re vendor-agnostic. We’re not beholden to any one manufacturer. Indeed, we’ll often wrangle competing vendors, seamlessly, on your behalf, in order to present you with a best-value solution. And we won’t recommend any new technology until we’ve sandboxed and tested it first.
  • We’re cost-effective. If you think you could save money by cobbling together a “team” from staffing shops, think again. Ensunet specialists will actually cost you less than a motley crew of generalists—not to mention the time and headaches you’ll save.
  • We’re unified. All Ensunet team members must take, and pass, the same rigorous, proprietary customer-facing skills training. All of our people are in-house; we don’t farm out.
  • We know healthcare. If that’s you’re field, know that we boast extensive experience here, with proprietary healthcare-specific run books, and specialized compliance knowledge for HL7, FDA, and HIPAA, among others.

Read more about Ensunet here.

From core infrastructure design to data-center consolidation, Ensunet boasts experience and expertise. We started as an enterprise-architecture specialist—and we still are.

  • Post-merger integration.
  • Enterprise infrastructure.
  • Applications.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Pre-merger due diligence.
  • Data center relocations, design, and operations support.
  • Outcome-based IT planning and consulting.

You might think, with our pedigree and experience, that Ensunet costs more than competing alternatives.

But you’d be wrong.

Big-box consultancies charge a lot more than we do. Yet they often stop at the water’s edge of “strategic.” They’re not tactical. They don’t implement. We are, and we do.

Staffing firms (or “body shops”) might seem like a less expensive alternative. But they’re not, either. If you try and cobble together a disparate band of workers, they’re not a team. They lack Ensunet M&A expertise, training, and cohesion. In short, you’ll spend more going this route—not to mention the extra time and headaches you’ll incur.

Want to find out just how cost-effective Ensunet is? Contact us now for a no-obligation initial consultation.


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