IT Relocation Specialists

Need help moving your IT Infrastructure to a new location?

What IT Infrastructure challenges will you face when your company relocates? Ensunet specializes in IT Infrastructure relocation services.

We can help, whether you’re relocating across the street, across town or beyond.

Ensunet is an extraordinary asset to your company when you are planning the relocation of your business. Our objective is to relieve our customers from the complexity of relocating, enabling them to get on with their core business. You can rely on our qualified team to help from start to finish, making certain that every detail of the relocation is addressed ahead of time.

Why you need Ensunet
With our extensive IT Infrastructure relocation experience, we know exactly what details to plan for and what obstacles can create problems down the road. Involving Ensunet early on in the relocation process will eliminate costly mistakes and keep your timeline intact.

Effectively managing IT Infrastructure relocation-related tasks—from design to installation to commissioning—can make the difference in achieving your company’s move-in or relocation target dates. With Ensunet working as your internal IT advocates, your own IT personnel are free to handle their already full operational workloads.

Trust our experience and leave the details to us
Every step of the move is carefully planned and executed so you can get back to work as soon as possible. At Ensunet, we carefully sequence your IT Infrastructure for shutdown, , shipping, re-installation at the new location for commisioning and testing at the new location. We safeguard the project, maintaining communication plans at all levels. Plus, our team walks your new site each day to ensure that construction details happen as agreed during the design and pre-construction phases.
100% satisfaction at the new location
Once your IT systems are reinstalled and completely up and running to perfection, we’ll review the whole move with you to make sure everything has gone according to plan. We don’t consider the project completed until you are fully satisfied with the results.
Ensunet IT relocation services include:
  • Review of current business and strategic IT objectives
  • Assessment of current or future sites
  • Meetings to discuss design and construction goals for the relocation
  • Steps to minimize downtime so you can keep your business running effectively
  • Consult with architects and contractors on IT requirements
  • Ensuring construction schedules include a reasonable timeframes for installation
  • Oversee proper uninstallation, transport and reinstallation of all systems
  • Commission equipment, provide end-to-end systems verification with a acceptance test plan.
  • Ensure 100% satisfaction from clients

12 Steps for a Successful IT Relocation Plan
  1. Speak to an Ensunet IT Senior Infrastructure Architect & Project Manager
  2. Review clients vision, scope, objectives and other details
  3. Conduct site surveys and discovery
  4. Develop Project Plans, establish schedule
  5. Sequence and manage external vendors
  6. Oversee new facility construction through completion
  7. Conduct Infrastructure Relocation
  8. Perform commissioning
  9. Conduct full systems acceptance testing
  10. Testing
  11. Resolution of any issues
  12. 100% satisfaction on time and within budget

At Ensunet, we pride ourselves on designing our client’s projects to perfection. We can cost effectively plan and execute all facets of your IT relocation, making sure everything is done on time and within budget.

Avoid costly mistakes and delays during your move by calling Ensunet, the IT infrastructure relocation experts.